How to protect the warranty on your new cab

How to protect the warranty on your new cab

What’s covered?

Typically warranties cover any problem you might get with vehicle’s materials or with manufacturing defects for three years (though some are longer).

Many will limit cover to a maximum total mileage limit from first registration, often 60,000 miles on cars and 100,000 on commercial vehicles as is the case with Vauxhall’s Vivaro, for instance.

A warranty guarantees the repair or replacement of parts and substituting parts for your new vehicle at no charge by trained technicians.

How to make a warranty claim

Arrange to take your vehicle to your local official dealer/garage, where it will be inspected. They will advise whether your warranty covers any repair needed. You’ll need to take your service booklet and any new vehicle warranty paperwork to the official retailer.

NB: Repairs are dealt with by manufacturer dealers and not by The Taxi Shop.

The Taxi Shop will bend over backwards to help our customers if they experience a problem with a vehicle under warranty. We will happily talk with manufacturers to try to get you a resolution. But only if the vehicle has been maintained within the terms of the warranty. We can’t help if you have used unnaproved mechanics or products (see more below).

What is outside the warranty?

  • Your warranty won’t cover normal wear and tear or tyres, and you can’t use it to get repairs to damage from accidents, misuse or alteration of the cab.
  • Any damage or corrosion caused by the environment, chemical treatments or aftermarket products not approved by the manufacturer such as  lubricants, and fluids will void the warranty.
  • Any third-party repairs or equipment installed or used on vehicles not built or supplied by the manufacturer ARE NOT COVERED and will void your warranty.

I’m selling my vehicle. Can I transfer the warranty to the new owner?

Yes, warranties are transferrable between owners in the period covered.

How and where do I service my vehicle?

Servicing is very important. While the manufacturers don’t insist on you servicing your new vehicle at a Main Dealer, they do insist that your servicing must be carried out at a VAT-registered garage using genuine, approved parts and fluids.

Service/repairs must use genuine parts or parts that the manufacturer has acknowledged are to equivalent quality and standard. Ignoring this WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY!

The manufacturer will most likely require proof that you have carried out proper maintenance is you make a warranty claim. This is what they’re looking for:

  • Service invoices from a VAT-registered garage
  • Information on the invoices that confirms the vehicle has been serviced within the manufacturer's recommended service intervals and mileage
  • Part numbers for all items used during the service

Provide the above and your warranty claim should go through without a problem.

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