It’s official! We’re the No.1 Ford Custom dealer

Biggest UK retailer - official

It’s official! We’re the No.1 Ford Custom dealer

How did we become Ford’s top taxi trade dealer?

“Basically we saw how good the 2015 vehicle was going to be and made a very large order with the manufacturer. We made a big commitment—125 buses—one that has paid off for Ford, taxi drivers and for us. Because we are Ford’s biggest customer, we can negotiate discounts others simply cannot match. It means we can offer prices keener than any other dealer in this market.”

Being Ford’s biggest retailer of Customs into the taxi trade has other benefits for drivers and fleet managers. Ford gives The Taxi Shop premium levels of customer service which we pass on to you, our customers. In 2015, we were been able to deliver vehicles faster than anyone else; sometimes just three of four days after order. It is our close relationship with Ford that allows us to achieve this speed of delivery.

Why is the Ford Custom popular with taxi drivers?

Drivers consistently report that the Custom drives like a car: light, quick off the mark and easy to corner, park and manoeuvre. It is a very comfortable and there is a LOT of luggage space. Drivers tell us that they like the quiet, smooth engine. When you are working 8 hour shifts, these things matter.

“We are so confident customers will love the 2016 vehicle we have ordered 50. These new vehicles will be with us in July. The 2016 Customs have a Euro 6, 2 litre engine. The engine is more powerful at 130 BHP; yet amazingly also more fuel efficient: a 10% improvement over the 2015 model.”

Get in touch with Rob, Terry or Josh if you’d like to hear more about the outstanding new Euro 6 Ford Custom — 01525 717 695.

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