Our ethics and principles help customers choose the right taxi

a business built on Price, Service and Delivery

Our ethics and principles help customers choose the right taxi

How do you look after customers?

Customers don’t want to be handed from pillar to post when they are buying a taxi. It’s very important to us that customers have one point of contact only because it builds a sense of trust. Buying a taxi is a big decision and we want to help people get it right. All our salespeople here will deal with a single customer from start to finish of a sale. Customers tell us this means a lot — and it has certainly helped our business.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

I think maintaining the self-belief to do everything that I’ve just outlined. Just to stick to your principles that there is a right way to do business and not get distracted. It’s the only way to get recognised and win over the marketplace. I remember in the early years Vauxhall came to visit us. They walked out of the office saying they would give us terms but that they didn’t believe we’d make many sales… Well, we did 340 Vauxhall vehicle sales in the first year, so they changed their minds, and we are now the largest supplier of Vauxhalls in the UK and a key partner.

What is next for The Taxi Shop?

We want to continue to grow the business and stick to the ethics that have got us where we are today. We will never change this approach. We are a big player in this market — for example we’ve just been selected by Ford as a Premier Taxi Dealer — but we maintain all the good characteristics of a smaller company.

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