Putting customers first builds £10 million taxi sales business

But how do we get customer service right?

Putting customers first builds £10 million taxi sales business

Taxi Shop owner Rob Breuilly on why and how the business has grown.

When did you get the idea for The Taxi Shop?

"I’ve thirty years experience in the taxi trade. I started as a salesman for Hooper Metro Cabs back in London. Some time later I began selling private hire cars for another firm. After five years I felt I could provide a better service by setting up on my own. That was 14 years ago, and we are now the biggest taxi sales firm in England, so we must be doing something right!"

Tell me about your customers

"We’ve always had a very loyal customer base. Last year 97% of our sales were to returning customers. Actually if I think about my very first customers, they are still doing business with us today, which is amazing.

"This whole business is built on recommendations and for every vehicle we sell we always get at least one very strong recommendation."

What makes The Taxi Shop stand out in a crowded market?

"Right at the start of this business I looked around the trade at what everyone else was doing and realised there were some key things that would make life better for customers.

"For example, if someone wants to buy a taxi, they want it available pretty much immediately. Over 90% of our vehicles are in stock so people are very confident they’ll get their vehicle quickly. We always deliver within seven days and it is very often much quicker than that.

Next, many drivers need finance to buy their taxi. Getting finance can be a minefield unless you know what you’re doing. We have direct, personal contact with our taxi funders, the finance people, so we can talk about a customer’s needs one-to-one with the people providing the finance.

"Customers get the best, fairest terms. Unlike many other firms we don’t rely solely on computer quotes. This is just one example of the personal touch we like to provide and I think it shows how hard we work for our customers."

You seem to be able to offer deals that others can’t match…

"It’s important to say that The Taxi Shop is not a broker. We don’t deal with garages; we negotiate directly with the manufacturers, and buy in bulk, that's how we get great deals.

"I have got to know all the key people at all the main manufacturers over the years. They know me and they trust me.

"These relationships allow us to negotiate some amazing deals and pass on unbeatable savings to customers. Knowing the manufacturers inside out also means that if a customer has a warranty issue, we personally know who to talk to, and can often resolve any problems quickly."

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